ReDeFining Finance

A Decentralized Stablecoin for an Open Financial System

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Decentralized Finance & Trustless Stablecoin

Bidao is building a decentralized finance (DeFi) and trustless stablecoin system to create a more open, borderless, transparent world through financial services.

A decentralized stablecoin system creates the opportunity for an open financial system, where anyone willing to provide collateral can generate our stablecoin.

- Ecosystem

A Decentralized Stablecoin Ecosystem

Bidao’s mission for an open financial world is supported by a decentralized governance system that allows holders of our token to take decisions and vote for proposals.

An open ecosystem where people can freely use, transact and create applications using the Bidao stablecoin will be the new standard for decentralized finance.

- Features

A new standard in DeFi


Programmable digital money that anyone can safely store, transfer and interact with.


100% collateralized by cryptocurrency and price stable through blockchain technology.


Permissionless, open for anyone to use, send, and open to be used in DeFi applications. Anytime, anywhere.

- Framework

Blockchain Agnostic

Blockchain agnosticism adds another layer of decentralization into Bidao’s stablecoin system. We aspire to create a new standard for digital money, where anyone can mint stable priced coins without requiring to have a specific crypto asset.


With powerful partners that let us integrate their tokens to use as collateral, the goal of Bidao is to keep expanding the possibilities of a decentralized stablecoin model.

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